More Ginger in the Diet

Ginger, tumeric and mint tea with puto maya.

Ginger, tumeric and mint tea with puto maya.

More ginger in the diet, I think we need that. For all its health benefits, ginger grows here like crazy – all sorts of them, white, violet, yellow.

In Baclayon, ginger seem to be well loved. The puto maya or glutinous rice cake of this province is unique (as far as my experience of such rice cakes is concerned) since they put ginger in it.

I love it! It isn’t deadly sweet like most other rice cake preparations tend to be.

First, you cook the sticky rice (known in Bisaya as “pilit” or in Tagalog “malagkit“) in water, a rice cooker is fine but more water is needed than most normal rice.

Then you grate a coconut and squeeze out the cream. Then you get some sugar (“kinugay” or “kamay” or muscovado or molasses is good, brown sugar is fine), but just a bit, and chop up some ginger into tiny bits. Then you must cook the coconut cream, sugar and ginger together into a syrupy concoction, then add in the cooked sticky rice!

I’m also preparing more ginger tea now. Just plain ginger or – what’s really nice – is ginger with turmeric and mint. Mint grows in Bohol too – in Carmen, and we saw it growing wild on Pamilacan Island.

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